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Our Partners + Programs

I'm more than just a photographer

I'm a dedicated member of our local community interested in helping non-profits meet their mission. Whether it is a beautiful healthy toddler taking their steps on stage in front of a large crowd or witnessing young professionals making a difference, I believe in providing compelling visual content to those that advocate for their cause. 

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Honolulu Chinese Jaycees

The Honolulu Chinese Jaycees envisions young adults from 18-40 years of age to become the next leaders in their respective communities as they identify and tackle complex and socioeconomic issues. These members may be new to the workforce after schooling and they will need a major boost in their branding and confidence and I provide elevated images of themselves so they can see themselves as the leaders as I see them. 

Healthy Baby Contest

The Contest has been an island tradition since 1954. The annual event is a fun free event for families and spectators It is also light-hearted approach to raising awareness for healthy living. The contestants will be judged on their physical appearance, healthiness, and personality. 

Each year I photograph the event hosted at shopping malls for families and the Organization to remember. Additionally I photograph the final ranked winners. 

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